My name is Anna

16 years old girl, who lives in her own world. Anna Betlemishvili is person with mantel disorder. The diagnose is “autism”.  Anna was born in Tbilisi in 1994. She has several untypical demeanors. Concretely, unable to communicate, has behavior problem. Besides she loves art: draws, makes figures with plasticine, and listens to classical music. Especially worthy to mention her figures with plasticine. These figures have warmth, exciting plastic and harmony. Anna is able to create interesting composition with figures and paint colors harmonically. Besides she can host guests, take care herself. She is worm with gentle heart.

Now Anna is sixteen years old. She spends all day sadly, often cries, and doesn’t have idea how to spend her time. Her future is vague. What the next step will be? What direction should be given to her ability, her natural talent?  

Our main goal is to get to hear about Anna to the public society. To receive information, recommendations and advice from the people who somehow has defeated this problem. It is also interesting to find out about centers or clinics, where methods are not experimental but have professional ways and have gained success.


Anna  Betlemishvili

Was born on the 4th April in 1994 in Tbilisi (Georgia) in family of orthodox pastor.  She has two sisters and two brothers. Till the age one her growing process was normal. A year later some strange behaviors were noticed, concretely when she was called her reacts were late. From the age of two to three she became a little nervous, began to differ things sand meals. While this period the family lived in ST Petersburg. Anna went to Russian nursery school. In leisure time she with her sister Mariam spent watching animated cartoons. Ann could watch the same cartoon film many times. Lately, at the age 4 or 5 she  began to draw. She drew the same figures of bears and rabbits small and big ones. Lately  her paint theme developed and became richer. She made quite interesting compositions. Besides she played with toys like rabbits, bunnies. She and her sister directed some scenes from cartoons. At the  age of 7-8 she gave up drawing and playing and began to make figures with plasticine. She worked a lot, the whole days. Her favorite present was plasticine.  She created  a lot of interesting figures but unfortunately she destroyed these figure when being lack of plasticine. We kept the saved figures. It is also fascinating that at the age of 7 she required skates and learnt skating herself. For this period Anna was calm and  her behavior problems were reduced. This period was at the age 8-13.


Realizing Anna’s problems, first we visit children’s psychologist, then neurologist and mental physician. We received some medicaments. At the age of 8 father took Anna to ST Petersburg for some therapy course. At the  Bekhterev Psychoneurological Institute she began to receive medicament “Azaleptin”, than “Raspolaptin”. After the medicament this “Raspolaptin”  we had good results, specially her behavior improved.  The family moved to live in ST Petersburg; And Anna’s health intensive researches began. Unfortunately, all documentary materials for these researches were lost in Georgia. All we remember is that she had toxic goiter. Therapy course had no results, it had even side effects concretely, hormone disorder, blood moving processin brain. After this the family moved back to Georgia. Since that Anna has received only “Respolaptin”, which also has no results.


At the age of three Anna went to Russian nursery school. She had few communications with children, generally played alone, although she fulfilled teacher’s all instructions. In Georgia she continued to go  Georgian nursery school. At the age of five we took Anna to Maria Shostak’s specialized center. At the age of seven she went to the logopedist school. At the age of eight when Anna went to ST Petersburg for therapy course parallely she went to Georgian school.  The psychologist came to her home. After  returning to Georgia we attended so called Tsartsidze school. The methods there were interesting;  teachers were young volunteers; everything was experimental. Although few results were gained. Anna learnt writing, reading and simple mathematics. Unfortunately three years after we had to leave the school as were told that the teaching methods didn’t match to Anna. After that Anna moved to N 198 inclusive school. Where generally go invalid children. Within two years we haven’t had any results as school has no professional specialists. Now we have moved her to N20  inclusive school. Occupation therapist works with her. Our main goal is to prepare her for school entry.

Anna is already 21 years old. She's more improved and communicative different from past years. Her behaviour is clearly more arranged now, though same problems are left in her speech. Anna embraces her emotions and feelings in art. Her work are special with its tenderness and maturity. For now She's working on the silk. She has started studying iconography, her teachers are predicting big success for her. Our goal is Anna was recognized by wide auditory, to hold her exhibitions in various countries, She has to feel the sense of her existence and she has to be happy. This will be motivation for other autistic  children to be more improved in the various branches of art, because they have hidden talent and with our help, they will surprise us with their creative work. Please contact us whoever is not indifferent/uninterested to people like these and gives us your own ideas and recommendations.

Thank you everyone in advance.


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